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"For insider knowledge into New York's chicest boutiques and cafe's, it's worth treating yourself to a customised style guide tour. the aptly named Carrie Gjermundsen gives tailored tours around the city's coolest neighbourhoods. From the Lower East Side's vintage dresses and beaded handbags to upscale Nolita boutiques filled with LBD's, five-inch Manolos and glamourous knitwear, you're bound to stumble upon something quirky and off the tourist trail".

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Take a Stylish Shopping Tour
New York's renowned boulevards of world-class shopping are yours for a day under the expert guidance of famous fashion editor Carrie Gjermundsen. Ms. Gjermundsen will give you a one-on-one style consultation to determine what best fits your personal look, lifestyle and monetary budget before taking you on a glamorous whirl through high-end stores and independent boutiques. Along the way, she fuses a traditional history and culture tour of New York's various boroughs with inside tips on the city's best restaurants and bars for your enjoyment after the tour. It's shopping therapy for a single's soul like you've never experienced. › DestinationsUSA Travel

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No Sex and the City tour would be complete without a day of shopping. But with so many choices, how do you get to the stores you’ll really love? Why not hire a guide? Carrie at has all of the great neighborhoods covered. From the Meatpacking District (read: Sam’s ‘hood) to Uptown (Charlotte’s shopping mecca), she’s planned it all. Whether you’re looking for Versace or vintage, Carrie can help. She is a former magazine editor and local fashionista. Hire her, and you’ll have your own personal New York stylist.                                        
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"The big stores on Fifth Avenue are well known, but the small boutiques are more fun. Find them with a personal shpping counsellor, such as Carrie Gjermundsen. This fashion editor takes you on a four-hour tour of shops, boutiques and cafes."


Hi Carrie,     Miss you already, the trip was one of the best to NYC ever and I can't wait to get back there for more shopping.  You certainly opened my eyes to where to shop and what to look for. My designer is Emmett McCarthy now and next Tuesday will be my first training class in my new position and with most definetly wear the French Denin Dress. Shopping with you was like an afternoon with my girlfriends, except you knew where to go and what suited both Maddie and myself.  With our two diverse sizes and styles Carrie you knew exactly where to go for the best offerings.   Regards,   Valda

Dear Carrie, 
A huge thank you for the brilliant personal shopping tour you organised for us – it was one of the highlights of our week in New York celebrating my daughter’s 18th birthday.  Your knowledge and expertise revealed some hidden treasures – places off the tourist trail that felt like the ‘real’ New York City. What really impressed me was the way you gauged the styles and preferences of my daughter and son, giving them plenty of choices – they had great fun and were keen to go back to several of the shops and bought some fabulous things. I would really recommend anyone wanting some ‘inside’ help getting to the heart of shopping in NYC to get in touch with you – they won’t regret it.With very best wishes,  Cheryl, Bristol, UK

It was great to meet you & spend the afternoon finding lots of exciting shops - you really helped us to get our bearings in the area and gave us lots of ideas & options that we would never have found without you. We returned twice before the end of our stay and bought some great things ! And I loved the jewellery shops we saw - I've been on Jill Platner's website a few times.I will pass on your details to any friends heading to NYC.  With kind regards,  Cheryl

Hello Carrie,
I had a great time with you. We were exausted after we arrived at the hotel. We went to the 5 ninth restaurant and we loved it. I wish I would have had more time to spend with you, just the both of us would have been fun.
Remember that if you ever visit Spain, you have a place to stay and I will tour you arround (I wont be as good as you though...).Here I am sending you a picture of both of us for the record.
Sending you a big hug from Spain,  Eugenia

"We had  the perfect customized tour with you. Thank you so much for taking us to those great shops and telling us the history of each one of the hot neighbourhoods of NYC. There should be one like you in every city in the world"- Eugenia, Spain

Hi Carrie,
I have just returned home and wanted to thank you for showing me around New York. I managed to get back to some of the areas you showed me and brought a few more items. Actually my suitcase was extremely overweight. I wish I had more time.
To top off the Saturday a friend and I ended up having drinks with an Australian designer, Wayne Cooper. I felt very well informed when he asked me which shops I had visited. As we walked around the meatpacking district that evening I pointed out the designers that you took me too. Thanks for making me socially informed, phew!
All the very best with your business and I will be sure to recommend you to others that would like the same experience.
Regards, Yvonne , Australia

 I'm now back in London but thought I would let you know we had a good return trip to the shops.  Farah and I purchased items from Charlotte Ronson, WESC, Coclico and Wink so will enjoy wearing those over the summer.  Paul also bought three items from the men's store you showed him on Spring Street - I'm very pleased about that as it is really hard to get him to buy new clothes normally !
 Thanks again - we really enjoyed our shopping and it is great to have items that can't be found in London.   Alison                      

Hi Carrie,
Just a quick note to say thanks very much for the tour in NY on Friday!  We all enjoyed wandering the shops in the Soho/Nolita area.
We’re all happy with our purchases, and could not possibly have figured out which stores to go in without your help!  We’ll have to go back another time to see more of the stores… there’s never enough time to see all in one weekend!
With warm regards, Janet - Canada 

"We were thrilled to get Carrie/Style Guide as a Christmas gift from our family before our trip to New York. She showed us around the less touristy areas and helped us to find great smaller shops to help meet our complex and demanding shopping needs! She is friendly, interesting person and we would definitely recommend her to British friends as she effortless bridges the Atlantic divide."
Emma R.- Garden Designer & Writer -  London

Isabella and I were so pleased with the  boutiques and cafes that you took us to see. We would otherwise not have known about, led us through great neighborhoods so we could look about and not bury our noses in a street map, felt safe in my surroundings - important with my 11 yr. old daughter with me. You are a gentle, flexible and inquisitive spirit which made the tour enjoyable..
My best,
Sara M, Minneapolis, MN            

Walt and I had a fabulous time in NYC.  Having you as a tour guide made our shopping trip much more fun and easy.  In fact, you were so helpful in taking us to so many stores we fell in love with, that we are planning another trip to NYC. It was also really interesting to hear about the historical part of NYC which we didn't expect but made us fall in love even more.  I would recommend this tour to all of my friends!!  Your tour helped us navigate where in NYC we wanted to go and where we plan to go on our next trip.
 Thanks so much,
Autum and Walt; Pittsburg, PA

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