Everyone has that friend who knows of the latest boutique to open or the must-have invite to the trendiest restaurant opening.Carrie is that person,founder of STYLE GUIDE.

As a eighteen-year resident of New York City, Carrie remains passionate for exploring the contrasting neighborhoods of New York.

Not only does she have knowledge of the city that only a New Yorker can possess, but she has worked in the city's most glamorous industries. The mix of these interests and experience lead her to create Style Guide, first to offer a customized guided shopping experience of New York City.
Carrie worked as a Fashion Market Editor and Stylist for magazines ranging from The New York Times Magazine to Good Housekeeping.

Carrie, an accomplished personal stylist, is recognized for her intuitive fashion savvy along with her friendly demeanor. Her style embodies a creative no nonsense approach and feel.

She has an uncanny knack for channeling your personal style, that enables her to personalize any shopping and styling experience. Her keen eye for the subtleties of an individuals personalitallow her to choose the best clothing to enhance your style.

In the past five years, Carrie has made many friends from several countries, from Perth Australia to Southern Spain. Many times her guests invite her to join them for a drink or snack after their tour. Where they continue to share stories and a cherished memory is made. 

Prior to her styling career, Carrie also has designed and marketed a signature line of handbags. These experiences have offered her contacts,insight and knowledge in all areas of the fashion,design and media industries.

Carrie is a licensed Sightseeing Guide of New York City.

Resting on a hot summer day tour. I'm in the yellow dress.

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