Personal Stylist for the Day

Personal Stylist for the day experience is all about shopping. Finding essential items for your wardrobe verse shopping boutiques, where a selection of affordable wardrobe building clothing in a range of sizes is limited.

What better place than NYC to treat yourself to a Personal Stylist!

Shopping boutiques or for the latest fashion may not interest you yet you want to refresh your wardrobe or are in need of well fitting and stylish basic pieces.  
During your personal shopping day you can be assured the best clothing for you will be selected. Pieces based on your lifestyle as well as the cut or style of a garment that will be most flattering  for you.  In addition, offering invaluable tips on developing an effortless style.
You will be amazed at the versatile and fashionable wardrobe you will have by the end of the day, creating a capsule wardrobe to take home. One that is true to your lifestyle and budget.
This can be accomplished because of Carrie's innate ability to assess your personal style upon meeting along with the information you provided about yourself in the questionnaire.
If interested, sound wardrobe stylist advice is given: tips about fit, quality and creating or enhancing your personal style.

Mothers with teens find a personalized shopping experience extremely helpful as it ensures that their daughter's will find what they really love.

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